Sunday, June 20, 2010

Virtual Worlds and Imagined Futures - Greg Egan

An interview with David Conyers, from Albedo One Magazine

"Do transhuman characters with god-like powers alienate readers? Are they too far removed from human emotions and frailties that we experience in modern society?

The frailty of our bodies is an enormously important part of our current reality — and I very much doubt that anyone will ever be literally immortal — but I don't think there's anything all that strange or alienating about the prospect of having, say, a far more robust body, or back-up copies of your mind. These are just ways of enabling us to do the kind of constructive things we're doing right now, with fewer unwelcome interruptions. If you asked someone who'd moved from a country with endemic violence, women dying in childbirth, high infant mortality, and no effective treatment for dozens of infectious diseases to a place where all of those problems had been solved whether they felt alienated by the loss of their precious human frailty, they'd just laugh."

5 out of 5

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