Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Incandescence 1 - Greg Egan

"“Which makes it no less true,” Rakesh protested. “Our ancestors have sucked the Milky Way dry. We were born too late; there's nothing left for us.”

“Only several billion other galaxies,” Parantham observed mildly. She smiled; her position on this subject had barely shifted since Rakesh had met her, but for her it was still a worthwhile debate, not the empty ritual it had become for Csi.

“Containing what?” Rakesh countered. “Probably more or less the same kinds of worlds and civilisations as our own. Probably nothing that would not be a hideous anticlimax, after travelling such a distance.” A few thousand intrepid fools had, in fact, set out for Andromeda, with no guarantee that the spore packages they'd sent in advance would survive the two-million-light-year journey and construct receivers for them."

4 out of 5

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