Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prospectiva Interview With - Greg Egan

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"The trilogy, titled Orthogonal, takes place in a universe that has laws of physics different from ours. A minus sign becomes a plus sign in the basic formula that governs the geometry of space-time, resulting in a terrifying series of branching while beautiful, affecting everything that has to do with light, time and energy. For starters, light travels at different speeds depending on their color, so when you look at the sky at night can see "trails of colors" to show how the stars have moved over the centuries.

At first my plan was to write a single book, but when I reached the 120,000 words and had only told the story of the first of several characters who travel in space for several generations, I asked my editor if I could divide it into three volumes. I think it was a good idea, if he had tried to tell the whole story in a book, do not know if could have resisted the temptation to make it shorter. In this way I can do justice to each of the characters who live in different times, and handle all aspects of the universe itself unusual. This site has so much to discover that put everything in a book would have been impossible."

4 out of 5


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